Practice the Y Combinator Interview

The YC interview is a fast-paced conversation with a group of YC partners trying to tell if you're a good bet to build the next billion dollar business. This practice tool simulates that interview with an AI interviewer.

There are many great blog posts and videos that can help you prepare. We hope this adds another tool to your toolbox.

For best results, use headphones. This won't work without headphones unless you're on a mobile device due to microphone feedback from your speakers. Interviews will be recorded to help us improve the bot, and we'll email you a link to the recording afterwards. See the terms of service for more details.

Approximate time left in interview: 2 minutes, 0 seconds
PS: we're working on faster ways to build robust voice AI agents that are deployed over the phone. Our agents can handle scheduling, Q&A, chit-chat and more. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.