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Terms of Use

Uberduck was built as an entertaining demo of interesting technology. You may not use Uberduck outputs for commercial purposes. You may not produce defamatory material using Uberduck. You can make short, entertaining, parody memes and that's about it. You must clearly and unambiguously identify Uberduck outputs as the outputs of an artificial AI. We will ban any accounts that violate these rules.

All outputs produced in your use of Uberduck must conform with U.S. law, the laws of wherever you reside, and the laws of wherever you access Uberduck.

Please feel free to report any use of Uberduck that falls outside these terms. The involved accounts will be banned and any hosted material will be removed. You can report such violations to support@uberduck.ai.

If you'd like a voice to be removed from the site please reach out to support@uberduck.ai. We are happy to remove voices for any legitimate reason.